My name is Bert Jerred, and I am a Communications and Research college instructor. Recently, I began an underwater video project with the idea of completing an original documentary film. I am currently using an inexpensive endoscope connected to my phone to capture video. My interest is, primarily, biodiversity in the wetland areas near my home in Oswego, New York.

I hope to spend 2023 and the first few months of 2024 doing the following:

  • gathering video of shallow-water biomes
  • researching relevant local environmental priorities
  • editing and producing a 30-minute documentary-style film, and
  • premiering my film sometime close to Earth Day, 2024

The premise of my work, thus far, is that ecological awareness is possible for ordinary people – without having to spend a lot of money. Curiosity, fascination, a sense of stewardship, and a kind of conservative resourcefulness can go a long way. I hope that my Shallow Water film will be one way of demonstrating the possibilities and the inherent value of “citizen science.”


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